Brickie Maker Faire - 1st Annual
The 1st Annual Brickie Maker Faire was a huge success!  Thank you to everyone who participated and came to enjoy the amazing projects created by our students - they are makers and innovators!
Take a look at our recaps of the attending projects below!                     Brickworks Lamp                   Recycled Party Crafts                Snap Circuit               Back Brace PLTW                    Cardboard Tube Owls               Nerd Network Website               Bird Feeders and Shelter               Knitting               Volcano                 3D Printing PLTW                 Homemade Silly Putty             Ice Pack Innovation             Robo-Plow / Lego Pop Veding Machine             Tesla Coil             Lego Cars             Comfy Crutch PLTW             Tennis Ball Puppets -KDG             Painted Sea Shells             Photography               Custom Painted Pet Shop Toys             3D Princess -Blender             Stop Motion Animation/ Homemade RC Plane             Mardi Gras Masks             Photography             Lost in Space Game - Scratch             Website Creation             Writing - Poetry/Short Stories             Music Robot               Video Game - Scratch             Music Website             Lip Gloss             Baby Chic and Bunny houses             Upcycling T Shirts             Rainbow Loom Barbie Dress             Duct Tape Crafting             Tie-Dye Crayons/ Lego Soap               Designer Rocks             PSA Pediatric Brain Cancer             Syringe Cover for Happier Kids -Bio Medical             Lego Star Wars Slot Machine             Leprechaun Trap             Art Robot