Brickie Makers & Innovators
What is the Maker Movement?
The m
aker movement began as a trend in which individuals created and marketed products that were recreated and assembled using virtually any materials or products from computer-related devices. Since, it has expanded to a great number of DIY- (do-it-yourself) and DIWO- (do-it-with-others) based project types in many different areas, including technology, science and art. The Maker Movement is about creativity and collaboration, and about encouraging curiosity in learning. 
What will you bring to the showcase? 
Deadline Extended: April 5, 2017 
Categories include:
  • Science
    The world of Science is vast and there is so much you can do in this category. What ideas do you have? Are you mixing chemicals to create amazing effects, or using a compound to grow superfruit!?

  • Technology
    There's no limit with what you can do in Technology. Are you a game maker or app designer who wants to show off your work, or maybe you play piano on bananas with Makey Makey?

  • Engineering
    Do you want to be an engineer? If you are really into working with the Lego robotics or building your own robots, programming machines, arduinos and more, show us what you can do!

  • Art
    If you love to draw, paint, or make art, this is your category! Showcase your artistic talent in design, whether traditional hand-work or digital graphic design - show us what you can do!
  • Writing
    If you are a writer and want to show off your work, here is the category for you.  Stories and poetry can all be featured!
  • Music
    Do you like to create music? Do you compose your own work? Are you making music with something that isn't even considered a musical instrument!?  Whether traditional or not, show us what you can do in the Music category!
  • Craft
    Do you make crafts? Show off your talent in this category! Papercraft, buildcraft, sewing, yarnwork and everything in between can fit here. Maybe you make displays entirely out of colored masking tape (that's a real craft, you know!).

  • Other
    Do you have another creative and innovative idea that just doesn't quite fit into one of the above categories? Let us know! There's no limit to what you can do as a maker!
Don't limit yourself!  We certainly don't want to limit you.  Anything you can think of and make can fit somewhere into the Maker showcase.  Be creative and let your mind do the work.  If you have an idea, let us know!

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Brickie Makers & Innovators 2016
The 2nd Annual Brickie Maker Faire was on April 20, 2016 and it was a huge success! We had 87 showcases with over 100 student participants.  It was an amazing evening full of creative and innovative projects!  Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in the event.  Brickie innovators are the future, and we are so proud of all of you.
Students from the Hobart High School TV Studio not only showcased their work, but also filmed and interviewed all of the participants.  Take a look below at the brief clip of the 2016 Maker & Innovator Showcase, and make sure to watch for all of our video interviews right here on this page soon!
Also, check out the video below to see the projects from last year's faire!

At Hobart, we encourage all students to be makers and innovators by exploring their creative minds and allowing them to work with their hands to create and develop their own ideas.  We connect making and innovating to curriculum through STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  Check out our STEAM channel at the top of our site.  For more information on STEAM, check out our Focus on Education STEAM page here
Within the curriculum we have makers coding Lego Robotics with WeDo in grades 1 through 3, with EV3 robotics in grades 4 and 5, and with Mindstorms at the middle school.  Middle school students also work with 3d printing in PLTW and scalable gaming and high school students design and create in PLTW and then print their creations with 3d printers.
Check out some of the projects Hobart students are working on!  
See students CREATE art, music, and technology, and watch students COLLABORATE as they design, develop, and code!  There is no limit to what you can do!
Students are also able to participate in making beyond school, too. Camp Invention at Joan Martin invites elementary students to be makers and create amazing products, and there are App Development Clubs at all levels, elementary, middle and high school, for students to learn how to code and participate in the process of app development. Check out how Hobart students are getting involved in Computer science here!
Are you interested in becoming a Maker & Innovator?  Check out the great web sites below to see what others are doing or to get some ideas to get started!
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