• A Special Tribute to Mrs. Linda Darlington

    Posted by School City of Hobart at 12/17/2013

    A Special Tribute to Mrs. Darlington, First Grade Teacher at Joan Martin School 

    The School City of Hobart celebrates the life of Mrs. Linda Darlington, First Grade Teacher at Joan Martin School. Mrs. D. was proud to be a Brickie through and through. She was very dedicated to her students and well respected by her colleagues. Her positive energy and attitude was contagious throughout the School City of Hobart. Her passion for children and the love of learning made her an exceptional teacher! Mrs. D's class used technology to showcase their learning. She made the world an incredibly wonderful place. Mrs. Darlington will always be in our hearts! 
    Linda Darlington
    Mrs. Darlington at Mt. Rushmore this summer.
    Proud to be a Hobart Brickie at Mount Rushmore...
    Mrs. Darlington was at Mount Rushmore this past summer and posted this:
    "Met President Roosevelt today~ told him I was from NW Indiana. He said like East Chicago, or Hobart? I said yes I teach in Hobart. He said, oh so you're a Brickie? I laughed and said, yes, yes I am."

    1st gr ltr
    Letter to Mrs. Darlington from her 1st Grade Class (text below)
    Dear Mrs. Darlington,
    We loved doing “WODS” with you. We like you. You were very funny. We liked reading books with you. We liked you to clip up. We love you and hope you are teaching the kids that passed away. You were a wonderful teacher. You were the best teacher in the whole wide world! I like you. You told us stories. I loved walking in this classroom. We loved you. We liked to do push ups. We are Brickies and will never stop being Brickies. You will always be a Brickie and in our hearts. Once a Brickie, Always a Brickie! You will always be our friend. We like to sing with you. You are so sweet and we will never forget you. I like when you told jokes. You will never stop being in our hearts and we will never forget you. We are so thankful for knowing you. You were very strong. We liked writing with you and are so thankful you were in our lives. We liked when you helped us. We liked having the school year with you and doing Word Cheer. We liked Bailey videos of your dog. We love you and especially loved spending time with you.
    Your First Grade Class


    “From the minute the principals interviewed Linda Darlington, they knew they found an extraordinary teacher for children. They told me I had to meet her! She came to her interviews at the School City of Hobart demonstrating her passion for children and using technology to increase achievement. She could use iPads very effectively and had her own list of special "Apps!" She was an incredible teacher who was filled with such joy at helping children succeed. She had amazing ideas and collaborated with her colleagues to share her knowledge. Linda will always be remembered for her love of children and providing excellence in education!”           
    Dr. Peggy Buffington, Superintendent

    “Linda Darlington was my sunshine at school. I received an email daily from her letting me know how lucky she was to be a teacher at Joan Martin School. She always told me how much she loved her students. I will forever be a better educator and mother because she made such an influence on my life.”           
    Mrs. Kacey Allen, Principal

    “Linda is one of the best colleagues and friends you could imagine. Her passion and energy will continue to inspire me. I am sad that I only met her a year ago rather than earlier, but have so many memories that will keep me smiling and laughing for years. I am thankful that she told me all the time how grateful she was for our friendship, and I the same for hers. There is no one like her in the world and I'm lucky to have worked with her and that I am her friend. Also, I was her mentor last year, but I feel like she has mentored me so much since, not just in teaching, but life. I'd call her mom to tease her about being nine years older, but in such a short time she became a person who I could trust for advice and support about anything.”                                             
    Miss Rhianon Jolliff, 1st Grade Teacher

    “Linda is an amazing person- a fun and caring friend, an inspirational teacher and mother, and an overall wonderful person. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious, and my life is better because I can call her my friend.” 
    Miss Kristen Smith, 5th Grade Teacher

    “It is so hard to put my feelings into words. She has become my go-to person and running partner. To know Linda is to love her. She is an amazing woman, teacher, friend, and mother. She brightened every room with her vibrant personality and caring nature. I am lucky to have had her as my co-worker, but even luckier to call her my friend. She will be missed by so many, and she will be loved forever.” 
    Mrs. Cristina Bullington, 4th Grade Teacher

    "She was an amazing teacher who taught our lil guy so much... I loved the way she would take photos and videos of the kids and what they were working on...she was one of a kind and will be greatly missed."
    Kimberly Sampson-Hendricks, Joan Martin Parent

    Joan Martin Memorial
    Memorial Outside Joan Martin School for Mrs. Darlington
    Staff Memorial for Mrs. Darlington
    Staff Memorial for Mrs. Darlington
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