• May

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 5/20/2014
    Black Belts Black Belt

    Congratulations to our Recorder Karate Black Belt recipients of the 2013-2014 school year!  This is an incredible accomplishment! This is the highest level of Recorder Karate and means that they have passed nine recorder tests and represents MANY hours of practice!  These students were using the Lifelong Guideline of personal best and the Lifeskills of pride, responsibility, perseverance, problem-solving, effort, patience, courage, and initiative.  Well done!

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  • April

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 4/7/2014
    Talent Day in Music Class is coming soon!  Click here to learn more about Talent Day in Music Class.
    We are continuing our study of recorders with our Recorder Karate quizzes.  All fourth grade students music take the first three quizzes (White, Yellow, and Orange) by the end of the school year.  Students may choose to work further in the series for fun.  Be sure to check out the Recorder Information section of the music website for printable copies of the books, as well as helpful videos.
    We are learning the Phillippine folk dance, Tinikling (pronounced "ti-nik-ling").  It is a lot of exercise but so much fun!  Click here to learn more about Tinikling.
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  • March

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 3/21/2014 12:00:00 PM
    Happy Music in Our Schools Month!
    As our conclusion to Music In Our Schools Month, we had INSTRUMENT ZOO this week during music class!  We got to try out lots of different band and orchestra instruments!  Check out our video and pictures of the fun!
    We also took our first RECORDER KARATE playing test this month.  Visit the "Recorder Info." section on the music website for more helpful information regarding Recorder Karate. 
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  • February

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 2/11/2014 9:00:00 AM
    week one practice competition
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  • January

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 1/28/2014 8:00:00 AM

    This month we continue our unit of study on RECORDERS!  What fun!  Our first song that we played was Engine, Engine Number 9.  The second song we played was Starlight, Starbright.  We also learned the parts of our instrument and how to clean them.

    Music Homework?!

    As part of our current unit of study in music: recorders, we will have HOMEWORK!  Our homework is practicing our recorders at home!  Students will be receiving a grade for turning in their practice journals each week with a parent signature.  Students will STILL receive credit for their practice record if they have a parent signature even if they do not have any minutes.  Late work will be accepted with one grade deduction per day late.

    We will have a competition between the classes to see which class can earn the most hours of practice time.  Students should write down (in minutes) the amount of time each night they practiced their recorder.  The adult who signs their practice record should have heard them play and be able to vouch that the time recorded is accurate.  Their minutes will not count towards the class total unless they have a parent or guardian signature. 

    The class with the most amount of practice time each week (and the highest percentage of students turning in their practice journals) will get to have the GOLDEN RECORDER on display in their classroom!  Let the music begin!

    Click HERE for a copy of the practice journal.  

    Our first playing test is coming soon!  We will soon begin work on Recorder Karate- a curriculum used for learning the recorder.  We are very excited to begin! 
    Check out our recording of "Hammer Ring", using real railroad spikes as instruments!  Can you hear them ringing?
    January Learning Goals
    Students will be able to play E, G, and A on the recorder.
    Students will be able to read music and play recorder. 
    Students will be able to use good technique and procedures when playing all instruments. 
    January Vocabulary Words 
    Anacrusis (pick up note)- a note that comes before beat one of the first measure
    January Songs
    Acka Backa- (E, G, A)
    Hammer Ring (E, G, A)
    Follow the Drinking Gourd- (E, G, A) 
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  • December

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 12/3/2013 8:00:00 AM
    We have begun playing recorders in music class!  A book was sent home and every student should have two recorders (one to keep at school and one to keep at home).  Please see Mrs. Amsler if you need another book or recorder.
    Listen to our first notes on the recorder!  We can't wait to hear how much we will improve this year!
    December Learning Goals
    Students will be able to hold the recorder correctly. 
    Students will be able to play E and G on the recorder.
    December Vocabulary Words 
    Consort- a family of recorders (all different sizes and voices)
    December Songs
    Engine Engine Number Nine (Recorder notes E and G)
    Starlight Starbright  (Recorder notes E and G)
    Lucy Locket (Recorder Notes E, G, and A)
    Acka Backa (Notes E, G, and A) 
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  • November

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 11/6/2013 3:00:00 PM
    This month, a Music Newsletter was sent home with information regarding grades, upcoming concerts, and other music business.  For an extra copy of the second quarter Music Newsletter CLICK HERE.
    Wow!  Our concert was awesome!  Check out some of our videos from our dress rehearsal and evening performances!
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  • October

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 10/1/2013 12:00:00 PM

    We are working hard to prepare for our upcoming concert on NOVEMBER 5, at 6:30pm.  This concert is for a grade and all schedule conflicts should be worked out with Mrs. Amsler in advance so an alternate assignment can be given.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the note that went home with students regarding our concert.

    Students should wear  ‘nice’ dress clothes.  Boys- pants such as khakis or dark colors and a polo or button up shirt.  Girls- dress pants/ skirts/dresses.  If you choose to wear a dress or skirt it must be AT LEAST knee length.  Please do not wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, or shirts with writing/logos on them.  If you have questions regarding this, please see me.  

    We are also continuing to work on our "Mad Minute" note naming tests, and ways to help us remember the names of the notes on the music staff.  This month, students created their own "faces" to go in the spaces of the music staff.  Remember, the notes in the SPACE spells FACE!
    Face Plates  
    October Learning Goals
    Students will be able to follow the cues of the conductor. 
    Students will be able to experience music of famous musicians from Indiana's History.
    Students will be able to sing songs from the Underground Railroad and other time periods in Indiana History
    October Vocabulary Words 
    Conductor- the person who stands in front of the performing group and "waves their arms around" showing when to start and stop.
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  • September

    Posted by Audrey Amsler at 9/5/2013 12:00:00 PM
    This month we began to work on songs for our November 5th concert about Indiana History!  
    We also took our pre-test for our Mad Minute series!  Mad Minutes are a series of times (one minute) tests over note names on the music staff.  Students have 1 minute to name 30 note names that they need to have memorized. Memorizing note names improves students’ overall music reading performance; it decreases the amount of time to translate written music to instruments and allows students to move onto more challenging concepts.  Although the grades will be posted in the grade book, hang tight- they will be averaged at the end of the semester for a single Mad Minute grade.  We are tracking our progress so that we can see if they are improving on their music reading skills.  Please support your student by helping him/her practice with flash cards and the worksheets that are sent home!
    Check out some of our mnemonic sentences we came up with.  (A mnemonic device is anything that helps us remember information!) 
    EGBDF pictures  
    September Learning Goals
    Students will perform songs from various eras in Indiana History.
    Vocabulary Words 
    Ostinato- repeated pattern
    Songs We've Learned 
    • Sweet Child 'O Mine
    • Follow the Drinking Gourd
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  • August

    Posted by Mrs. Amsler at 8/23/2013 10:15:00 AM
    Welcome to Fourth Grade Music! I am so excited to see all my new and old friends in fourth grade! Be sure to check back every month for new updates on the goings-on in music class. You will find pictures, sound clips, and videos!
    We are going to be playing recorders this year!  We will be placing at order for recorders, due September 6.  Recorders cost $3.50 for one and $7 for two.  Please send your money in to Mrs. Amsler no later than September 6. 
    Our August Learning Goals:
    • Students will be able to follow the rules of the music classroom while singing, dancing, and playing instruments!
    Songs We've Learned
    • Down the River

    • The Rules of Music
    • Weevily Wheat

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